Optimize Balance With Numerology Reading in Springfield Missouri

Optimize Balance With Numerology Reading in Springfield Missouri

Numerology Reading

The 11 Light Bodies of Consciousness and Tantric Numerology are part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition and are a map for us to reference our own energetic blueprint based on when we were born.

By learning about the 11 Light Bodies and then receiving a numerology reading, you will be able to gain insight into what your strengths are in this lifetime and where you have “homework” to do.

An initial numerology session will contain a basic breakdown of your base numbers in your birth date. For example, what does the month you were born in mean? And what does your exact day of birth say about you? How about gaining clarity on your life path and understanding more about your bigger reason as to what you came here to do?

It’s through this insightful tool that we then can understand what meditations and movements are needed to optimize our state of balance and achieve higher states of Consciousness.

Your session will give you a better understanding of what your balanced versus imbalanced state looks like, as well as a list of tools to use to enhance your life from breathwork to meditation to basic awareness practices of how to reach a neutral state of mind.

Further sessions will break down more details for you to gain more insight into patterns and ways to create continual self awareness and growth.

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