About Awaken Holistic Medicine in Springfield Missouri

About Awaken Holistic Medicine in Springfield Missouri

About Us

Awaken Healing + Massage was born from the need to change. To evolve and grow. To align with the next chapter being written consciously. And to most importantly choose into a frequency of love.

Our Alternative Holistic Medicine Healing services and massage therapy have Spirit at the core of the mission brought forth by our owner Anand. Click here to learn more about Anand and what why she's so passionate about helping others.

The best way to summarize how we feel and connect into who and what we are is from this quote by SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies:

"The body, the mind, the spirit and nature working together create the instrument by which our very soul is manifest and able to interact and to communicate with the material world and the universe of which we are a part.

In oriental medicine humans are described as being “conduits” between the twin powers of the Celestial influences and energies of Heaven and the terrestrial influences and energies of the Earth.

We say simply as between Father Sky and Mother Earth. We are how the Heavens feel wet grass between the toes and how the earth sees the stars."

We give thanks to our guides and teachers that have walked before us illuminating the path.

We humbly serve all those who enter our doors and know we are all just walking each other home.

We believe at our core that there is enough love for everyone. If we can all find a way to connect to our creative energy, then we can bring forth a Spirit filled life that will keep us inspired and ripple out to those around us.

We believe that we are all here to create and be in contact with the creative life force that is all pervading. It's through practices and rituals like Kundalini Yoga and massage and bodywork that we have found our reignition of the eternal spark, the re-remembering of who and what we are.

As we continue to walk this path, we will all unite and grow as a conscious community. Whether you are new to asking why we are here and what we are doing or have pondered these thoughts for some time, its through this reflective state that we attract in soul mirrors that remind us of what we are.

Conscious community is where we can all gather together and learn and grow as a soul tribe. We believe that your soul is your guide. And if you ever forget, you have others to  help bring you back home.

We invite our clients to join us in this journey and allow us to guide them along their path to better health and wellness.

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